Music sounds better in nature Music sounds better in nature

If we bypass emotions, we should say that River Sound is an A-grade electronic music studio in the countryside of Lithuania. But if we turn the feelings on, which we of course prefer, we would also mention that this is a unique family institution aimed at serving and collaborating with musical artists and their friends seeking silence of mind and clearness of sound. It is truly a place of power welcoming visitors not only to produce, mix and master music or professionally record vocals with hi-end gear but also to have mindful fun, swim in the Neris river if it is summer or otherwise go for an early evening walk in the snowy sacred woods of the Karnave village. Besides Studio, we are running a yearly River Sound Solstice festival and some nice parties in Vilnius.


Perfect place to finish your album Perfect place to finish your album

Studio itself is a separate wooden building designed and constructed in 2020 for music listening and production purposes from the scratch, that is why the room sounds close to perfect. Plus a pair of really, really good ATC monitors, a top quality handmade mixer, a lot of nice synths, drum machines, effects, compressors, hi-class microphone, and an enormous bunch of plugins. Ah yes, also a very comfortable chair and a view to a beautiful valley from the window. 🙂

Gears and Specs
• Elektron Digitone
• Erica synths DB-01 Bassline Moog One
• Korg Minilogue XD
• Waldorf Quantum Polybrute Polyphonic
• Nord Lead 4
• Access Virus TI2
• ASM Hydrasynth
• Arturia Minifreak
Rhythm machines
• Roland TR-909
• Roland SH-101
• Elektron Digitakt
• Elektron Analog Rytm MKII Native instrument Maschine MK3 Rhythm performer TR-8
• Dave Smith Tempest analog drum machine LXR digital drum synth LXR-02
• AKAI profesional MPC LIVE
• Elektron Syntakt
• DSI Tempest
• Erica synths LXR02
• Cirklon Sequentix
• Sequential Prophet X (8DIO) Pyramid CHH9
• E-RM Multiclock
• Ableton push 2
• Mio XL
• UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 DSP Accelerator
• Polyend Poly 2
• Intellijel Metropolix
• WMD Performance Mixer
• Intellijel Rainmaker
• Make Noise DPO
• Intellijel Dixie2Mordax Data
• Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator Frap Tools 333
• Mutable Instruments Marbles
• Erica Synths Pico MIX
• Erica Synths Black VCA
• Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO
• Erica Fusion VCF
• Mutable Instruments Veils
• Intellijel Dual ADSR
• Make Noise Maths
• Erica Synths Multi
• Erica Synths Black Modulator
• Intellijel Morgasmatron
• Verbos Electronics Bark Filter Processor Mutable Instruments Rings
• Doepfer 2xBuff.Mult
• Erica Synths MULTI
• Intellijel Audio I/O
• E-RM Polygogo
• Mutable Instruments Elements Mutable Instruments Plaits Vermona TwinOut
• Intellijel Planar2 Intellijel Atlantis
Monitor controler
• Antelope satori
Analog Consol
• Zaehl AM1
• 1176 limiting amplifier
• SSL Fusion
• 2x Empirical Labs Distressor
Analog EQ
• Manley Massive Passive
Audio Effects
• Eventide H9000
• UAD-2 Satellite
• BAM space generator Solid State Logic Fusion Elektron Analog heat MKII Vermona Retroverb lancet
Power distribution
• Furman F-1500-UPS-E
• 4mm shielded power cables
• Custom two stage separate power filtering for each device
• Custom power conditioners for the Antelope Galaxy 64 interface and the speakers
Monitoring system
• Antelope Audio Galaxy 64 Audio Interface
• Antelope Audio 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock 10M
• Antelope Audio Satori Volume Controller
• Custom Silver-Plated, Dielectric Loss Optimised Balanced Cables ATC SCM 110ASL Pro
• 2x PMC twotwo sub2 10” Subwoofers
• 2x Avantone CLA-10A
• RME Babyface (DigiCheck Analyzer)
• Simple Way Vacuum Simple Way MP
DI Boxes
• Simple Way D2 Simple Way J2
• D’Addario Floor Boxes
• Custom Silver-plated FEP D-SUB cables
• 3x Neutrik NPPA-TT-SD25 Patch panels
• Cordial Patch chords
• Several types of cables available for fine tuning the recording signal chain
• Apple Max studio
• Ableton live 11
• logic pro X
• Sound toys
• Native instruments complete 14 ultimate
• xfer serum
• Arturia V colection 9
• fabfilter total bundle
• Eventide Anthology XII
• Eventide SplitEQ
• Eventide clockworks
• Eventide H9 Plug-in series
• Oeksound soothe2
• Oeksound spiff


We are grateful to the world for the opportunity to live and work on such a magnificent sight. River Sound studio is located 35 kilometres to the North-West from Vilnius on the bank of the Neris river. Next to the studio area you will see a forest with a few easy-to-find walking trails, which has been included in UNESCO heritage list. This territory is part of Karnave – an old Lithuanian settlement which used to be the capital a few centuries ago but now became a well-acclaimed cultural spot of the country.

River Sound on map.


Your countryside vacation + focused studio time Your countryside vacation + focused studio time

There are a few options to sleep and have rest when being a guest at our studio:

⁃ Next to the studio we have a house for 5 guests with a spacious summer terrace, two bedrooms, kitchen and everything you might need for a comfortable living. Besides the main house we also have a few guest houses at our disposal, so in fact more people can be hosted. Moreover, you are very welcome to use a well-equipped sauna with jacuzzi and barbecue. At River Sound you may meet a big friendly dog and two cats: Fartas, Mikis & Matilda. There are a few food options: you can obviously cook yourself in the kitchen, but you can also use service of delivery from Karnave restaurants, and we can also arrange daily food for you and include it in the cost. This would cost approximately 50 € per day.

⁃ If you prefer to stay in the heart of Karnave and, besides producing music, see the town, enjoy dining in restaurants and attend the archaeological museum, then we can recommend a few nice hotels of different price ranges all just a couple of kilometres away from the studio. For instance, SPA Pajauta, Gallery Guest Rooms and ‘Pusu Slamesy’


But let's talk first But let's talk first

We have a rough idea of how much renting our studio and accommodation costs and specify it below. But we prefer to talk first and approach every request individually, as the final cost depends on many factors: number of days and working hours per day, what kind of assistance is needed (full-time sound engineer or occasional assistance), what kind of services are needed (vocal recording and processing, mixing, mastering, sound design, etc.), how many people are coming, what would be the preferred place to stay, should daily food and drinks be included? One thing is clear: pick up at the airport is always free.

Rough price:

One day

One day with overnight stay

Weekend stay (Friday – Sunday)

Five days with accommodation

Crew & Contact

We are Adomas Gido, Karolis Trippsy and Aleksandras Ratmonovas.

We are three Lithuanian friends who are fond of music, sound engineering, organizing dance events and hosting friends. Each of us has a long life story around music production and performing. Some of us might be away when you come, but each and every of us is good at what we do.

Please, feel free to contact us on any question.

tel: +370 629 75080 (Dijuota)

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