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Recording Packages

Demo Session – €50/hour: – Ideal for artists looking to record a basic demo with up to 2 hours of studio time. – Includes basic mixing and limited post-production.

Standard Recording – €80/hour: – Recommended for singles, EPs, or vocal recordings. – Inclusive of professional mixing and basic mastering services.

Full Album Package – €290 (8 hours): – Comprehensive package for recording a full album. – Includes studio time, mixing, mastering, and consultation for album cohesion.

Mixing Services

Basic Mix – €50/track: – Suitable for simple arrangements or individual tracks. – Includes balancing, EQ adjustments, and basic effects.

Advanced Mix – €100/track: – Recommended for complex arrangements and multi-track projects. – In-depth mixing with additional effects, automation, and dynamic processing.

Mastering Services

Single Track Mastering – €100/track: – Tailored mastering for individual songs. – Ensures optimal clarity, balance, and consistency.

Album Mastering – €500 (up to 10 tracks): – Mastering services for entire albums. – Seamless integration and consistency across all tracks.

Studio Rental

Hourly Studio Rental – €30/hour: – For artists who prefer to handle their own recording, mixing, and mastering. – Includes access to studio equipment and space.

Daily Studio Rental – €200/day: – Full-day access to the studio for more extended projects. – Suitable for recording sessions, rehearsals, and collaborative projects.

Additional Services

Consultation – €50/hour: – Professional advice and guidance on your project, including pre-production planning and creative input.

Instrument Rental – Variable Rates: – Availability of instruments such as guitars, keyboards, and percussion. Contact for specific instrument rates.

Special Packages

Artist Development Package – Customized Pricing: – Tailored packages for emerging artists, including recording, mixing, mastering, and promotional support.

Podcast Recording Package – Customized Pricing: – Packages for podcast creators, including studio rental, recording, editing, and podcast-specific post-production.

Terms and Conditions

All prices are in EURO. – A 50% deposit is required for booking studio time.

Additional costs may apply for specialized equipment requests or extended services.

For customized quotes or inquiries, please contact us at or +370 653 73 909.

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